Start a business with your talent and start living the life you deserve

Who is it for:

1) People who have an idea and want to acquire skills to start a business

2) People with a passion and want to get support to start a business

3) People in their first year of business and want to do better


With easy access to resources such as knowledge, clients and digital marketing, it is increasingly easy to start a business.  Success, however, has not come easy with more than 90% of startups failing in the first year of business.  The Startup journey is neither simple nor easy in a world that is full of competitors. Aspiring Entrepreneurs who have recognized these challenges and learnt from the experience of successful entrepreneurs have seen higher rates of success than others.

You will work directly with us to:

1.   Think with an entrepreneurial problem solving mindset
2.   Develop a profitable business model
3.   Differentiate
 a good idea from a good opportunity
4.   Build their own website with ease
5.   Deal with suppliers and how to negotiate with them
6.   Gain experience to get your first major client

7.   Market your business with little budget and lots of creativity

8.   Recruit and hire your first staff

9.   Use your profits wisely

10. Network and build connections




"Before I joined this program, I had been brainstorming and developing ideas for the past two years. I was getting really annoyed by myself because I was not able to step out of my comfort zone and take actions. I knew the problem is that where and how should I start? I’m really grateful to Talentpreneur and its Startup Bootcamp; it has been very helpful and supportive in many ways. It definitely helps me shorten my learning curve, because now I have a clear picture of startups."

- Ms Fay Liu

"Talentpreneur made me very clear on the processes and resources involved to start a business. The trainers did an awesome job in clearing our doubts and gave us a lot valuable input regarding the kind of business we want to setup. This is the place to know entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs which serves as a very good community to discuss ideas explicitly. It is money well invested for those who joined this course. I strongly recommend Aspiring entrepreneurs to attend!"

- Sufi Hadi