Expand your business and reap the rewards of your hard work

Who is it for:

1) People who have an existing business and have at least a yearly revenue of SGD$100,000

2) People with a passion and want to get to the next step in business

3) People in their first few years of business and want to expand



You will work directly with us to:

1.   Identify blindspots in your business
2.   Unlock extra hidden profits from your business
3.   Determine how best to do business development

4.   Navigate fund raising issues
5.   Deal with stakeholder's expectations
6.   Manage a bigger team

7.   Market your business to a wider audience

8.   Retain talents and headhunt top talents

9.   Invest your profits wisely

10. Build your circle of influence


"I have been with Talentpreneur since 2006 and I must say they provided us entrepreneurs a lot of support and opportunities. Through Talentpreneur, I am able to cultivate my entrepreneurial mindset and propel me to launch my online marketing agency in Singapore. We really appreciate their effort in providing us a ideal platform to launch our business. I urge all aspiring entrepreneurs to join the network of Talentpreneur to leverage on its platform and optimize your talents."

- Mr Ian Cheow Yu Yuan, Director of OOM Pte Ltd, Singapore


"I wanted to learn the various aspects of starting my own business and I have not regretted my decision to enroll into the Accelerator. To me, Talentpreneur is like a library of knowledge except that the wisdom comes from experienced entrepreneurs in today's context. The program is a great stepping stone for anyone who has the drive and passion. Keep up the good work and god bless for all your help!"

- Mr Mohammad Razy Ibrahim, Designer and Director of Costume D'Amourme D’Amour